Exhibition participants

STONES and WATER Company

Production of pool border stone of all types, forms and the sizes, including overflow, and also tiles for a beach zone around the pool. We offer options at your choice:
- concrete (with fillers);
- ceramic (clinker);
- composite (polymeric);
- natural (granite and marble).
Border stones and tiles are made of high-quality materials on the professional equipment. All procedures, from measurement to commissioning, are carried out by qualified specialists of our company. Besides its own production, Stones and Water company is engaged in distribution of border stone of the largest Russian and European producers.


Development of modern system of water treatment with remote management and control. The iPool equipment is developed for complex water treatment and full remote control of all water parameters. Exercises constant control over all water systems and parameters.


MERANUS company has been selling the equipment for swimming pools in Germany for 40 years. We provide German and European retail traders and engineering firms with the full range of the equipment for pools, both private, and public ones.



DARIN company develops and makes modern equipment for swimming pools since 2006. CRYSTAL automatic dosage stations – free chlorine, рН, Redox, with peristaltic and membrane pumps.

Controlling devices for filtration, heating, water level and automatic filter back washing, amusements, light and rollers in the pool. CRYSTAL automatic dosage station, free chlorine, рН, Redox.


The producer of stainless steel equipment for pools. Design, production and installation of swimming pools, hydromassage bathtubs and stainless steel plunge tubs.


JetTrace company produces ozonizers for swimming pools and also makes RGB LED lamps for pools. Our company manages: design, construction, sales of pool equipment.

Pahlén AB

Leading European producer of equipment for private and public swimming pools. We deliver pumps, heat exchangers, electric heaters, lamps, embedded details, dosing equipment. Our equipment is made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titan and heat-resistant plastic.



ALUKOV company was founded in 1995, and at the moment it is one of the world’s largest producers of pavilions for swimming pools, Spa pools, terrace and verandah coverings. Thanks to long-term experience and constant innovations, the main features of our products are high quality, visual appeal, simplicity and usability. Individual approach to each product helps to satisfy all wishes of customers to the maximum degree.

It will present its novelties at the exhibition:

New line of the inexpensive AZURE pavilions transportable both in assembled form, and in the form of a box for self-assembly.

New pavilion model – VIVA. VIVA is a low pavilion with walking paths only on one side.

Копия Компания ASPAR
Компания ASPAR – Производство плавающих жалюзийных покрытий надводного и подводного типа для плавательных бассейнов.

General partner of ALBIXON a.s. (Czech Republic) in the territory of Russia. Pavilions for IDEALCOVER pools, equipment for Brilix pools.

Official distributor of Spa pools Jacuzzi (Italy), Vita Spa (USA), Premium Leisure (USA), Treesse (Italy).

Spa pools of the Treesse trademark (Italy) with innovative system of hydromassage Ghost System. It is an unusual stylistic purity of design and total absence of external nozzles and openings for drainage.

At the exhibition, we will present a new model of the KLASIK Pro B pavilion from series production of ALBIXON company. The main advantages of this model are the minimum height, the maximum resistance to snow loading, simple and quick assembly. After 3-year testing in climatic conditions of Scandinavia, our company decided to offer you this pavilion model.

And also, our novelty, a heat pump with inverter, works in three modes:

ECO, Standard and Boost. Choose how you want to warm up your pool, and reduce power consumption needed for water heating in the pool.

"Continent" – chemicals for pools

Russian manufacturer of chemicals for pools, disinfectants, sterilizers, professional and household detergents.



ALEXPOOLS company sales the pool equipment of the leading European producers.


Aquatic Technologies & Services, Inc.

Aquatic Technologies & Services, Inc. is the exclusive representative of SeaMAID – the French producer of the light equipment for pools and adjacent territory, and AcquaSource – the Greek producer of floating fountains. It is also the partner of Vagner Pool – the Czech producer of reeling devices, electric heaters and other pool equipment.

ATS is an authorized service center in the territory of Russia, which is carrying out fast delivery of spare parts and repair of Pahlen (Sweden) and Swim-tec (Germany) equipment.


Spanish plant RENOLIT Iberica S.A. is a recognized leader in production of waterproofing membranes for pools. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is a world famous brand in the market of swimming pools due to their high quality and original membrane design.

Tasks of RENOLIT division in Russia: technical sale support, product certification, training of official partners in installation of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN waterproofing materials.


ANYPOOL company designs, constructs and reconstructs swimming pools. Wholesale and retail of water treatment equipment and chemistry.

Display items: automatic dosing stations for chemical reagents (2 pieces), their expendables (measuring electrodes, valves, cranes, hoses, dosing tube, sensors, calibration fluids), samples of liquid chemical reagents for water (2-4 empty canisters with labels).


ASPAR company – Production of surface and underwater floating louvered coverings for swimming pools.

ASEKO – systems of automatic control and disinfection of water for swimming pools

ASEKO ASIN AQUA NET – the automatic station 3 in 1 with INTERNET connection, for remote control through the application. For disinfection measurement, it can be stocked with REDOX electrode or a probe for measurement of free CLF chlorine, disinfection by means of active oxygen is also possible.

ASPAR – sliding support on guide rails.

A simple and reliable decision allowing to solve the problems of pool covering even if its shape is irregular. Ladders and other protruding elements, and also right and rounded corners in a pool basin, in most cases, are not an obstacle for automatic covering installation.

Smart Pools

Smart Pools company is the construction and installation company assembling and producing pools and accessories, with the headquarters in Malaysia. The company presents powerful counter flows capable to turn the pool into the infinite river, robotic pool cleaners, pool coverings, underwater treadmills and many other things.



TM Idrania is created with assistance of the AstralPool brand whose reputation is widely known among the pool market professionals. In 2017, JSC Astral CIS brought the Idrania product line for private pools to the Russian pool market, including the optimum list of European-made equipment for pools up to 12 m long.


Aquamall is a distributor of chemicals and equipment for pool, water park and fountain construction. Main brands: Melpool, Pahlen, Coraplax, Hugo Lahme, A Filter, Ocea, Triogen, PSH, HidroStar.
EasyCare Products

The American manufacturing company EasyCare Products has a professional experience of more than 40 years. Sales geography – Australia, New Zealand and USA. Due to investments into the researches of the University of California in chemistry for pools, we produce and offer our customers unique pool chemicals.


KENAZ GROUP company specializes in professional CONCENTRATED chemicals for water treatment. Chemicals of MEMBRANE quality (with additional removal of foreign matters and a very high content of an active agent). The EXPIRATION DATE of disinfectants is 1 YEAR. The concentrate allows to SAVE up to 30% in expense, is SAFE for the pool equipment, covering and binding, flexible PRICING policy.


Super Swim Pro

Super Swim Pro company produces original exercise machines for swimming, both for professional athletes, and for fitness fans.

The SuperSwim exercise machine will turn any pool into infinite space for swimming. Adults and children will be able to learn to swim, using SuperSwim in their own pools.


Haogenplast company has been producing PVC laminating and waterproofing films for more than half a century. All of them differ in plasticity, thermal stability, frost resistance, high level of protection against ultraviolet, various designs. There is one thing that unites these films: high quality.



POOL IMPORT company presents the equipment for water treatment in DESCON pool from Germany. And also louvered coverings Rollo Solar made in Germany.

The product range of Descon® includes all main types of the equipment for professional water treatment in public and private pools. The largest part of the equipment, such as the measuring regulating devices, dosing pumps, water ozone treatment and UV treatment units, and also chemicals, are developed by Descon®. Made in Germany.

Компания Polin Waterparks
Компания Polin была основана в 1976 году в г. Стамбул (Турция), превратившись с тех пор в лидера в индустрии аквапарков. В настоящее время компания является одним из мировых лидеров в сфере проектирования, производства и монтажа водных аттракционов для аквапарков. Polin завершила 3000 проектов аквапарков в 105 странах по всему миру и является самым крупным поставщиком водных горок в Евразии.
Компания VAGNERPOOL основана в 1988г. VAGNERPOOL является крупнейшим в Европе и России производителем, импортёром и дистрибьютором бассейнового оборудования, аксессуаров и химических средств для бассейнов.
Topiary Frame

Topiary Frame company of 2009 has been producing and selling topiaries, light figures, gabions and installations since 2009. Frame topiaries are metal sculptures covered with artificial grass or natural plants. Used for gardening and decoration of parks, flowerbeds, cafes, playgrounds, etc. Over an eight-year period, the company has manufactured a huge amount of topiaries and light figures. It has the largest gallery of performed works!

B.I.G. GROUP («Krasnodar Chistye Tekhnologii» LLC)

Official partner of the companies PERAQUA, ELECRO, Sugar valley, seko, AQUA, ETATRON, Aquasector.

At the exhibition, we will present embedded items for pools by PERAQUA company, electrolysis plants, stainless steel amusements and embedded fittings, aqua fitness, installations for easy descent to the pool for handicapped people.


Wide range of pool equipment: energy efficient filtering equipment, high-quality pumps and filters, embedded elements and skimmers, lighting for pools, stainless steel ladders for pools, robotic vacuum cleaners, solar heaters, reeling devices, brushes, bars and other pool accessories.

Has been successfully developing in the market of pool equipment for more than 15 years. It is rightly recognized by consumers as the expert in the market of pool and pool equipment sales. We offer the high-quality certified production at competitive prices. Direct sales of a wide range of the first-class equipment and materials from European, American and Southeast Asian producers. Its leadership results from the long-term cooperation with the world leaders – producers of pools and equipment from England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Israel, China, USA and Canada
Production of pavilions for pools in 5 modifications: "Panorama", "Parus", "Avrora", "Mira" and "Astra". All modifications are made only of high-quality materials and have a pleasant design. The main advantage of pavilions is an opportunity to put pool sections in each other and to open a pool basin fully. With such pavilion you will be able to enjoy swimming in the pool all year round and under any weather conditions.

Официальный представитель европейской компании Zodiac, распространяет на российском рынке всю линейку продукции этого всемирно известного бренда. Компания Zodiac, начавшая свою деятельность по обработке и улучшению качества воды в 1998 году, сейчас вышла на рынок России и уже зарекомендовала себя, как отличный производитель и поставщик инновационного оборудования для бассейнов.

Basstion LLC

Генеральный партнер ALBIXON a.s.(Чехия) на территории России. Официальный дистрибьютор СПА бассейнов Jacuzzi, Vita Spa, Premium Leisure, павильонов для бассейнов IdealCover, оборудования для бассейнов Brilix. На выставке представим новинки: низкий павильон для бассейна. Прозрачное покрытие из монолитного поликарбоната 4 мм, футуристический карбоновый профиль, низкие направляющие рельсы, о которые невозможно споткнуться. Тепловой насос воздух-вода для эффективного подогрева воды в бассейне. Так же тепловой насос имеет функцию охлаждения воды. Гидромассажный уличный СПА бассейн Urbania (производство InnovaSpa, Канада)


ESPA GROUP – ESPA 2025, S.L. A recognized world leader in pump equipment production. The company was founded in 1962, the head office is located in Banyoles (Spain).

Since its date of foundation, the ESPA concern has been setting the highest standards of production of its equipment. High quality of materials and modern production have made it possible to maintain these standards. The components used in pump equipment production are carefully designed for a long-term performance, which guarantees the long-term operation of the equipment. Growth in industry standards and introduction of new patented technologies allowed first to meet market demands, and consequently, to put the market on top, bringing the increasing choice to the pump line of the most various and specialized range of application.


Representative of EMEC factory in Russia and CIS. One of the most recognized Italian industrial companies which has been constantly improving characteristics of products and considerably expanding their functionality for 35 years. We make dosing pumps with up to 1000 l/h productivity, up to 100 Bars pressure. The special edition dosing pumps operating on compressed air at the enterprises that need to use explosion-proof equipment.

Astral CIS LLC

JSC Astral CIS is a part of Fluidra multinational company whose activity is focused on decision making for optimum use of water resources. Fluidra has more than 40 production sites (in Spain, USA, France, Australia and other countries), about 170 representative offices in 45 countries across the world.

Activity of JSC Astral CIS includes the following areas: pool, wellness and SPA complexes design and provision with AstralPool equipment; Cepex watering systems and pipeline equipment; decisions for Aquaforte artificial reservoirs, conceptual design and installation of fountains.

NOVUM Consulting CJSC

Today NOVUM is the leader in supply of equipment for pools, and also components for water supply and heating systems, in the Northwest region.

In a warehouse in St. Petersburg, it has about 6000-8000 item names for its customers. Orders are delivered in a short space of time to all regions of the country.


Producer of pavilions for pools, covers for any types and forms of pools. Premium quality.

ABRIS – low covers for pools with a variable arch radius. The advantage of ABRIS covers is an attractive form and a height up to 1 meter. ABRIS covers a pool up to 6 meters wide. Also, new profile systems for various models of pavilions will be presented at the exhibition.

Runvil pools

Runvil Pools is a leading production company specializing in production of panel pools and stainless steel embedded elements. All products are certified and well-proven on numerous objects of the CIS countries.

We are appreciated for reliability and quality of production, high level of service, and also a combination of the well-tried technical solutions and innovative developments.

Conrays LLC

The company presents a unique counter flow – Fastlane, made by Endless Pools, Inc. (USA) – an improved, more powerful and efficient alternative to usual streamlike counter flows for pools. Fastlane is a counter flow with the adjustable stream imitating a river current against which you can swim. It allows to do workouts in swimming, both to professional swimmers of champion level, and the beginners or children learning to swim.

Официальный Партнер DESCON в России

Инновационное оборудование водоподготовки компании Descon GmBh в России. Системы WATERCARE Системы комплексной обработки воды descon watercare complete. Это компактные системы водоподготовки для частных бассейнов и СПА. Они отличаются превосходно подобранными компонентами и высоким качеством исполнения. Системы монтируются в виде компактного модуля на раме, поставляются в готовом к подключению виде и быстро запускаются в эксплуатацию после своего размещения.

Volga Fun Group

Design and construction of stationary pools; sale of assembly pools, assembly and installation (1-7 days); pool repair and reconstruction (waterproofing, change of covering, film and equipment replacement); supply of equipment and materials for pool construction; installation of pool equipment, water treatment, equipment commissioning; pool servicing (cleaning, control of water condition, winter preservation and spring depreservation); sale and delivery of disinfectants for pools



The international company uniting ecological and innovative technologies in global wellness and event industries, making them available to everyone (both in functional – children, youth, elderly people, families, people with additional requirements – and financial aspects). The following items will be presented at the exhibition: Poolstation – a remote system of supervisory control; Necon – disinfection on the basis of copper and silver; Aquacrystal – a disinfectant on the basis of biocides; Lighting equipment; Pavilions for pools, roller coverings, vinyl and tent coverings (the French Procopi brand)


Proton LLC

Производство и продажа средств ТМ AQUALEON для бассейнов и аквапарков, необходимые для очистки воды, регулировки уровня кислотности и уничтожения бактерий и водорослей. А так же, химия для фонтанов и прудов. Чистящие кислотные и щелочные средства.


Russian producer of automated pool control systems. Production of intellectual control systems for swimming pools. Control panels for filtration and heating. Systems of chemical reagent dosing on the basis of chlorine and active oxygen. The full cycle of own production gives the chance to offer the Russian consumers the best quality equipment for reasonable prices, and service support from the Russian producer.



A Russian company, developer and producer of microprocessor electronics for private and public pools: chemical dosing stations, control and management of heating, overflow, filtration. Automatic equipment for back flushing. Systems of disinfection by ions of silver and copper. Systems of amusements control. LED spotlights, etc. The company presents both the inexpensive equipment of the initial level, and serious premium-class systems.



The exclusive distributor of the Moscow Institute for Ecology and Technology Problems across the Southern Federal District. Disinfectants: for non-chlorine water disinfection, for long-action surface disinfection, for long-lasting protection against mold and fungi.

Terrace systems (IP Povoriznyuk)

Design, delivery and construction of terraces of any complexity. Design of false floors with terrace board or tile covering, fences, marquises and pergolas, Alpbau quadrospheres, and also an innovation – eco rattan furniture.

PRODECK’s business fields:
private terraces, flooring near pools, moorings and piers, cafe and restaurants, accessible roofs

Chemoform AG

Production and delivery from Germany of Chemoform chemical reagents for public and private pools, Heissner chemicals for ponds, Lacoform aromas for steam rooms and saunas, Summer Fun assembled pools, Dinotec pool equipment, all types of DEL and Aqualux coverings


Design, construction and service of pools, water parks, saunas and wellness complexes. Sale of pool equipment and chemicals. Kontek’s regional network is represented by 20 branches in Russia. Any idea of yours can be materialized by our specialists!


Developer of massage devices. We produce high-quality and effective goods for health and beauty allowing to improve organism functionality, tone muscles, take off fatigue, activate blood circulation and metabolism.

Aqua Hobby

Turnkey-ready design, construction, reconstruction of pools, water parks, SPA complexes; supply of equipment and materials for pool construction; installation of equipment for the systems of pool water treatment, equipment commissioning. Sale of equipment and chemicals for pools; pool servicing.

«Poligroup» LLC (IP Kochetkov V.A.)

Production of polypropylene pools and plunge tubs, hydromassage complexes, sets of equipment for pools of any volume, Pool-box, Euro-box.