International Exhibition POOL PROFI EXPO 2018

The II International Pool Industry Exhibition POOL PROFI 2018 has come to an end. This is one of the most prestigious, largest and major events of aqua industry in Russia. From April 13 to April 15 business professionals gathered in one place, which made the FRANMER expocenter a very interesting and informative place!

Everyone who is related to the pool industry knows about the POOL PROFI exhibition! It is one of the most significant exhibitions, where the representatives of aqua industry like to demonstrate their production, exchange their experience and search for useful contacts.

The exhibition united more than 40 participants who drew attention of a specialized audience from all over the country. Within the three-day congress, in which the pool industry leaders of Russia and Europe participated, a lot of seminars and demonstrations of novelties took place. The exhibition organizer FRANMER surprised the exhibition guests with the novelties unique for the Russian market.

One of the most impressive novelties is the pool with TV built in a bottom. This is a bold and provocative decision which allows to enjoy your favourite TV shows or a motivating training video while swimming! And also to take exercise under the watchful eye of a video trainer.

FRANMER also announced the following novelties – a composite eco house "Cave House", a play sphere "Treefort", a "Power Lock" option for pools, a roller covering CUBRUTEC and a new model of «Ksabia Pool Cover».

Most of participants were satisfied with the exhibition and confirmed that they will participate in it the next year.

The next companies presented their displays at the POOL PROFI 2018:

  • ESPA
  • Alukov
  • Easy Care Products
  • Meranus
  • Pahlen AB
  • Астрал СНГ
  • EMEK-Russia
  • НОВУМ Консальтинг
  • Aquapolis
  • B. I. G group
  • Chemoform Gpoup
  • АКОН
  • Runvil pools
  • Dinotec
  • Jettrace
  • Континент
  • Vagnerpool
  • Aquatic Technologies
    & Services, Inc.
  • Алекспулс
  • Haogenplast
  • iPOOL
  • Аквамол
  • PoolStyle
  • Аквамол
  • Topiary Frame
  • Террасные системы PRODECK
  • Fun Group Волга
  • NordPool
  • Polin Waterparks
  • SwimTrack
  • SmartPools

The photo report from the POOL PROFI EXPO